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Knowledge Capital

Exium Inc. are widely acknowledged as industry leading SAP Experts and thought leaders with publicly displayed knowledge capital:

  • Over 30 peer-reviewed magazine articles
Technical Advisory Board
  • Our directors serve as strategic, technical advisors and resident editors
  • Invited to speak at more than 40 SAP events and conferences

Magazine Articles​

  • “Update Was Terminated”— What Every FI/CO User Should Know About This Error Message, SAP Financials Expert, Feb-2003
  • Do You Mean “CO Object” or “Cost Object”?, SAP Financials Expert, Feb-2003
  • Speed Up Your Report Performance by Knowing Where Your FI Data Is Hiding, SAP Financials Expert, Apr-2003
  • What’s So Special About Special G/L Indicators, SAPTips, Jun-2003
  • Who Changed My Config?, SAP Financials Expert, Jul-2003
  • Segregating Internal & External Goods Receipts, SAPTips, Aug-2003
  • Which A/R Underpayment Option Should You Use: Partial Payment or Residual Item?, SAP Financials Expert, Sep-2003
  • Discover Hidden Parameter IDs to Simplify Your FI Settings, SAP Financials Expert, Oct-2003
  • Post Go-Live Activation of Open Item Management, SAPTips, Oct-2003
  • Adding Flexibility to Validation & Substitution Rules, SAPTips, Dec-2003
  • Account for Time Zone Differences So That They Do Not Affect Your Global Close, SAP Financials Expert, Jan-2004
  • Nine Tips for Dealing with Zero Decimal Place Currencies, SAP Financials Expert, Feb-2004
  • Tips for Tracking Clearing Transactions, SAP Financials Expert, Jun-2004
  • Use Reconciliation Account Determination with a Special G/L Indicator for More Flexible Invoicing, SAP Financials Expert, Jul-2004
  • Are Your Stock Balances Correct?, SAP Financials Expert, Oct-2004
  • Avoid a Disconnect Between Your MM and FI Period Closes, SAP Financials Expert, Apr-2005
  • Material Master History Tables: What Happens to Materials in Prior Periods?, SCM Expert, Jun-2005
  • Avoid These 11 Common Unit-of-Measure Errors, SCM Expert, Dec-2005
  • “Secure Your Revenue Stream Ensure That SD Billing
  • Document Invoices Are Posted in FI, SAP Financials Expert, Mar-2006″
  • Currency Types: The Key to Reporting Parallel Valuations, SAP Financials Expert, Apr-2006
  • Enhance User Productivity with a Custom Search Help, SCM Expert, Jul-2006
  • Why Can’t I Find My G/L Account?, SAP Financials Expert, Jan-2007
  • Can’t Get There?: How to Find the Right Transaction to Display CO Documents, SAP Financials Expert, Mar-2007
  • What You Need to Know About Order-Related Inter-Company Billing, SCM Expert, May-2008
  • How to Fix MM/FI Field Status Errors, SCM Expert, Jun-2008
  • Why Some FI Document Fields Aren’t Populated from MM, SCM Expert, Jul-2008
  • Simplify Your Month End by Using the Factory Calendar for Batch Job Scheduling, SAP Financials Expert, Sep-2008
  • “SAP GL Data Sources: Which Tables Should You Use?, SAP Financials Expert, Feb-2009”
  • Guard Against Nonpayments with Credit Data Reorganization, SAP Financials Expert, Apr-2011
  • Guard Against Nonpayments with Credit Data Error Detection, SAP Financials Expert, Aug-2011
  • Reasons to Perform a Controlling Area Reorganization, SAP Financials Expert, Feb-2013
  • Expand Your Reporting Options with an Extended G/L Code Block, SAP Financials Expert, Mar-2013
  • Functionality and Performance Improvements for Currency Valuation in the SAP General Ledger, SAP Financials Expert, Mar-2014

Conference Sessions

  • 30 Training and Empowerment Tips for Users Who Rely on SAP Financial  Applications
  • A Comprehensive Guide to SAP Financial Ledgers: What Each Does and How to Choose the Right One
  • Accelerate Your Finance Productivity with Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ECC 6.0
  • An Expert Guide to Matching The Right Controlling Functionality to Your Managerial Accounting Processes
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks  for FI and SD Integration  and Reconciliation
  • Expand Your Reporting Options with an Extended G/L Code Block
  • Effectively Report Operating Expenses with Standard SAP ERP Financials Functionality
  • FI-GL Configuration Tips and Tricks
  • Global Rollouts: Jump Start
  • Global Rollouts: Legal, Business, Cultural, and System Challenges
  • Global Rollouts: Technical Features and Functions to Facilitate Your Global SAP Rollout
  • Guidelines for Evaluating a Controlling Area Merger
  • How to Preserve and Sustain GL Data Integrity
  • How to Prevent and Correct Errors in Stock-Related Postings
  • Make Your Material Ledger Conversion Hassle-Free
  • Material Ledger Overview
  • The 4 FI-AR Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
  • Tips and Techniques for Identifying and Analyzing CO Data
  • Tips and Tricks for Configuring Multiple Currency Types/Currency Valuation
  • Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Units of Measure (UoMs)
  • Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of SAP Market Place Support Portal
  • Deciphering the CO Settlement Process
  • Using SAP to Support Tax Saving Corporate Structures
  • Using Validation and Substitution Rules with SAP-GL
  • Valuation and Translation in New-GL
  • What Every Finance Team Now Needs to Know About FI and MM Integration